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Brehm and OPTIONS Annual Report was created to focus on the positive deliverables...

Annual Report: International School for Students with Learning Disabilities

Annual Report: International School for Students with Learning Disabilities

An in-depth annual report for stockholders that includes a myriad of stories, quotes, and images that depict how this program enriches the lives of children with learning disabilities. The Brehm and OPTIONS school competes with other specialty facilities around the world and needed an annual report that was as unique as its educational programs. This is just one annual report of many that we created for them.

Every student has unique needs.

Every student has unique needs.

After some research, we found exceptional stories to include within this piece. The parents of this Brehm student requested that she have her gentle non-motorized mechanical exercise horse on campus. Her exercise horse helps her with increased balance, muscle control, and strength in her legs, abdomen, and back to better her mobility, as she has a medical condition unrelated to her learning disabilities.

Brehm agreed and found space for the exercise horse Biscuit in a private part of the gym, and she uses her physical education time to do her exercise routine.

Annual Report: Bank IV

Annual Report: Bank IV

An annual report created for Bank IV that focuses on its expansive progressiveness to showcase to investors the success it has experienced in that year. The cover highlights the theme, “On Course" with a spectacular photograph of an antique brass nautical compass. The printing of the compass on all white cover included a custom hand-embossed process that captured the eye of the reader and embraced investors with Bank IV’s innovativeness. Throughout the pages of the report, in-depth case studies were share showing how Bank IV’s personal and business customers were positively affected by the advances it made that year.

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