Bodhi Woke
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BodhiWoke's Mission

BodhiWoke's Mission is streamlined simplicity and mindfulness. Salvatore Costello, Creative Director will only work with one client at a time. Your project is our top priority.

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Mindfulness, focus and simplicity — results that work.

  • STREAMLINED SIMPLICITY - Salvatore Costello, Creative Director, will always be your direct point of contact for all communications.

  • CLIENT EXCLUSIVITY - We only work with one client at a time. Your project is our top priority. You have our undivided attention from start to finish.

  • EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS - Exceptional service at every step of every project. Fixed-price quotes. Optional enhancements offered as the project evolves.

  • BIG-BRAND EXPERIENCE - Salvatore Costello has created award-winning work for top brands such as Hallmark, PepsiCo, Sprint, Wrangler, and many more.

  • FIXED-PRICE QUOTES - We work on a fixed-price basis so you can work with a predictable budget.

  • NETWORK OF TOP EXPERTS - Salvatore works with a curated network of top experts from around the world to fit your specific project requirements as they unfold.

  • TURNKEY SOLUTIONS FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS - From naming a product to capital campaigns, direct mail, videography, annual reports, logos, websites, or any other unique communications or marketing needs — we offer full-service strategic solutions and packages.

  • EVERY DETAIL MATTERS - After our mutual agreement of concept direction, every key project element is presented to you for approval or revision.

  • HIERARCHICAL PRESENTATION OF YOUR VALUE PROPOSITION - As creative concept becomes reality, your unique value proposition and key benefits will be presented hierarchically through a careful orchestration of words and imagery.

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