Bodhi Woke

Salvatore Costello: International Award Winning Designer

Salvatore Costello, Director of Costello and Company which is a design, branding and marketing agency that was founded it 25 years ago, it was renamed BodhiWoke in 2018.


BodhiWoke is a creative/branding agency that was founded by international award-winning creative director Salvatore Costello.

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Buddhist practices (and letting go of conventional attachments) have allowed me some clarity in this universe. Please make sure you take a close look at the “work” page. Have a smooth day! Salvatore :D


Costello and Company design, branding and marketing was founded by Salvatore Costello in 1993. After a quarter century of exceeding client expectations, it was renamed BodhiWoke in 2018.


Before Salvatore started this agency, he worked in the Home & Gifts Department at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, Missouri. He created full 8-foot long retail displays that were seen in Hallmark retail stores around the world. After this position Sal had Hallmark as a client. This Patches hangtag was one of the many solutions that he designed for Hallmark’s Valentine’s Day set of products.

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I most love exceeding clients expectations. I also love riding my all-terrain bikes with no destination daily/nightly. All seasons riding, even when there is ice/snow as long as it is -10 F or higher. 40 mph wind is also a literal blast! Lol :P


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